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What Is Independent Living?

What is independent living? Ideal for seniors who do not require daily assistance, it’s a lifestyle of choices, wellness, social opportunities and more.
what is independent living

What Is Independent Living?

What is independent living? In today’s modern senior living community, that question has many answers, all of them good! Here’s a quick overview of what this lifestyle option could mean for you.

What is independent living?

Here are a few of the things you typically can expect to find in independent living:

  • A community of apartments, cottages, condos or single-family homes designed for comfort and safety
  • Amenities designed for convenience and enjoyment such as multiple dining venues, fitness center, areas for games and programs, outdoor patio, library, and more
  • An emphasis on wellness and healthy aging that focuses on mind, body and spirit
  • A lively social atmosphere with countless opportunities for socializing, engaging and sharing experiences
  • Services that take the burden of everyday home maintenance off your shoulders so you can relax and enjoy life

At Avalon Park, independent living is choices

You don’t give up your independence in independent living. In fact, you’ll find you are more free than ever to choose how you spend your days:

  • Drop by a boutique in Cottleville, then meet your daughter for lunch
  • Pick up a tasty grab-n-go option at the community Chef’s Pantry
  • Bask in the sun on the outdoor patio with your pup
  • Challenge your neighbor to a friendly game of cards
  • Join the group for a special outing
  • Invite your family over for dinner in the private dining room
  • Put your feet up and read your favorite author in your lovely apartment
  • Stop in for happy hour

And that’s just for starters.

Independent living is many paths to lifelong wellness

When you live in a healthy environment, surrounded by others who share your zeal for feeling strong and positive, you’re more motivated to keep moving forward and take advantage of a range of resources:

  • Classes in balance, strength, and cardio health
  • Senior-friendly exercise equipment that’s easily accessible
  • Instruction in restorative practices such as yoga and Tai Chi
  • Nutritious dining with locally sourced ingredients and chef-prepared menus
  • Healthy socializing that’s good for emotional, physical and mental health
  • Lifelong learning opportunities that promote mental stimulation and help stave off dementia
  • Continuous monitoring by trained staff who can spot any sudden changes in your health or mobility

Independent living can be a whole new start for you

Even if you’re enjoying living at home, wouldn’t it be grand to wake up each day knowing you have the freedom and the resources to enjoy it all a whole lot more? To laugh more? Feel stronger? Have a new sense of purpose? Rediscover the artist, singer, or writer within you and create a whole new masterpiece?

Independent living can give you that—a passport to the retirement you have longed for.

Independent living also can give you peace of mind

Not only are you choosing a maintenance-free lifestyle that takes your daily worries away now, you also are giving yourself a plan for the future.

At Avalon Park, you enjoy vibrant independent living, and also have supported autonomy, allowing you to age in place. This means that should your health needs ever change, a local health and home care provider has an office right on our campus. They will be happy to arrange appropriate care and support to be delivered right in the comfort of your apartment. We also offer access to convenient telehealth services, so care will always be as close as your phone.

Are you ready for a lifestyle that makes your days easier and more enjoyable?

Independent living gives you the freedom to live life your way. A fresh start. A renewed spirit for what comes next. An opportunity to truly live well and live better. Let us tell you more.

A great place to live!

Contact us today to set up your personalized tour. Learn how a move to senior living can give you the lifestyle you deserve – download our guide, Choosing the Right Community.

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