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Is Independent Living the Right Retirement Choice for Me?

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for independent living retirement? Curious about the type of people who really enjoy this lifestyle?
is independent living the right retirement choice for me

Is Independent Living the Right Retirement Choice for Me?

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for independent living retirement? Curious about the type of people who really enjoy this lifestyle?

It’s understandable to consider if you’ll fit in and be happy. Think back to summer camp as a child: you probably worried you might not like it, or you would feel alone. After all, senior living is a big move. And you want to be as sure as you can be that it’s the right one for you.

Who is not the right fit for independent living?

Independent living is not designed for those with cognitive challenges or chronic health conditions that require ongoing care as most independent living communities do not provide healthcare or assistance with daily activities. (At Avalon Park, we offer our residents supported autonomy, which allows them to receive care and support in their apartments from a local health and home care provider located on our campus.)

Who is a good candidate for independent living retirement?

  • People who want to keep learning, living fully and making new friends
  • People who desire to maintain their independence and be in control of their schedules
  • People who like knowing everything is taken care of for them so they can just relax and live
  • People who like to feel they belong to a neighborhood of friends who care about them
  • People who enjoy finding a renewed sense of purpose
  • People who are interested in quality of life and longevity

But what about different personality types? Everyone is different and wants specific things from their retirement. What can independent living retirement offer?

If you are an optimist…

You like looking on the bright side of life. Choosing independent living retirement puts you smack in the middle of activity, excitement, companionship, fun and freedom. You’ll feel energize just getting up in the morning with so much to look forward to!

If you are an introvert…

You cherish your solitude. It gives you time to think and reminisce, to pursue your interests, and recharge. Independent living retirement offers you the flexibility to choose: enjoy the privacy of your residence, explore new methods of relaxation and meditation, or opt for companionship and activity.

If you are a social butterfly…

Helping with special events. Welcoming new residents. Volunteering for special projects. Making new friends. Engaging in lively conversation. Independent living retirement is your oyster.

If you are a bookworm…

Not only can you access an on-site library, independent living retirement means book clubs and discussions. Cozy nooks for reading indoors and outside. Attending classes on world culture, current events and topics of interest. Countless ways to work your brain.

If you are a proud grandparent…

Have your photos ready because you’ll have lots of opportunities to share them with your fellow residents! Plus, you can invite your family over to join you for meals, events and afternoon concerts or movies. Celebrate birthdays in the private dining room. At Avalon Park, you can hop on a golf cart and head to Cottleville for some family fun.

If you are recently single…

No need to feel left out. In independent living retirement, you are surrounded by friendly faces who welcome you as part of the family. You can make new friends and share special moments, relaxing in an easygoing atmosphere. It’s also hugely beneficial to be around peers who understand if you’ve suffered a loss; you’re immediately bolstered by genuine support.

If you are a planner…

Choosing independent living retirement opens the door to a whole new way of approaching this exciting chapter of your life. You can dream as big as you choose. Travel to that exotic location (it’s easier when you can just close your apartment door and go). Bring out your creative side (learn to paint, arrange flowers, try woodworking, write your memoir). Feel stronger and better (walk every morning, try yoga or Tai chi, lift some weights, Zumba with a friend). And so much more!

Independent living might just be ideal for you. Come see what we mean!

A community designed by neighbors for neighbors.

Contact us today to set up your personalized tour. Learn how a move to senior living can give you the lifestyle you deserve – download our guide, Choosing the Right Community.

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