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Surefire Ways to Make New Friends in Senior Living

Not only is it easy to make friends in senior living, the enhanced socialization is good for your mind, body, and spirit. Some tips on how to benefit.
Surefire Ways to Make New Friends in Senior Living

Surefire Ways to Make New Friends in Senior Living

If you’ve been living at home and moving in the same social circles for some time, you might feel a bit rusty when it comes to meeting new people. Fortunately, not only is it easy to make friends in senior living, the enhanced socialization found there is good for your mind, body, and spirit. And it makes every day much more fun!

Tips on how to make friends in senior living

• Remember, you are an interesting person. Walking into a group of strangers can be intimidating; we all tend to become that shy kid in third grade again thinking no one will want to know us. Not true! You have a lot to offer in a friendship: wisdom, experiences, talent, and so much more. Don’t be shy to show who you are—chances are, the person you are meeting feels the same.

• Go where the action is. It’s fine to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your residence. But make a pledge to yourself to pick up the activity calendar every morning and see what all is happening. Drop in on a few activities. Try something you’ve never tried before. Exercise with a group; it’s easier to do when you’re around others. Join the book club. Try a yoga class. Join the group on an outing. When you put yourself where people are, it’s easy to make friends in senior living.

• Invite a few neighbors over. It feels good to get to know those around you. Invite a few fellow residents over for coffee, brunch or a cocktail. It’s a great way to learn more about life in the community. You’ll most likely hear how those around you also felt a bit awkward at first—but now are singing the praises of having great new friends!

• Take a walk. Want to make friends in senior living? Walk around a senior living community! Not only is it an opportunity to become more familiar with your surroundings, it’s an easy way to meet people. Bring your smile along and you’ll be chatting with a new pal in no time.

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• Look for other new residents. Exploring is a lot more fun when you do it with someone. Ask the staff to introduce you to some other residents who are relatively new to the community. Have lunch with them and share your thoughts and questions. Together, you can get the scoop on what makes the community such a great place to live—and you’ll have a friend for life!

• Get involved. A great way to make friends in senior living is to seek out volunteer opportunities. It could be helping set up an event, decorating for a holiday, serving on a committee, shelving books in the library, and so on. Or, suggest a project to aid a nearby school or charitable organization. Working alongside others with talent and wisdom can inspire you to discover new abilities in yourself.

At Avalon Park, we know how important having friends around you who share your memories and interests can be to maintaining good physical and mental health. The friendly and social culture of our community reduces the risk of age-related isolation and the physical and mental health effects associated with loneliness, including heart disease, depression and cognitive decline.

Fun, engaged and welcoming, residents here spend time together at planned and spontaneous gatherings. They take group art and fitness classes, invite family and friends to on-campus activities, and stay active with excursions, happy hours, movie nights and more.

Here in our community, live well and live better is a way of life. You can move to Avalon Park with confidence, knowing that if your health needs change, you’ll have access to an on-site supportive health services provider who can coordinate and deliver supplemental care services, right in the comfort of your home.

If you’re ready to make new friends in senior living, and gain so much more, we invite you to see why Avalon Park could be just right for you.

New friends are waiting to meet you!

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