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Planning for a Successful Move to Senior Living

Planning your move to senior living, including moving day and what to bring.
Planning for a successful move to senior living Woman with moving box

Planning for a Successful Move to Senior Living

The words “moving day” might send a shiver up your spine. But with a little pre-planning, positive thinking, and some help from your friends, your move to senior living can go without a hitch.

The trick is to have a plan, take it one step at a time, and remember you are making a move to a carefree lifestyle designed for your enjoyment and wellbeing. At Avalon Park, we want to help! Here are some thoughts for moving day, as well as what to have in your “first night” box.

A move to senior living: making the day a smooth one

Above all, on moving day, and all the days that follow, try your best to relax because you have a lot to look forward to!

Spread the news

Prior to move-in day, be sure the move-in coordinator of the community knows you will be moving in the following day. Assign someone to be at your new residence to meet the moving crew, with a key. And be sure to find out in advance what items your community is providing for your comfort on moving day.

Plan for your pet

Arrange for your pet to stay with a friend. Be sure to have food and medications set aside so once you’re together again you can get back to your routine.

Set up the essentials

Make your bed and place a lamp and clock on the side table. Unpack the “bathroom” box so you will have towels, soap, and a non-slip floor mat. Get out paper plates and napkins, and utensils.

Start stocking the refrigerator

You don’t need everything right away, but assign a friend or family member the task of bringing favorite food and beverage items. For example, tea, milk and juices. Then, some fresh fruit, cheese, butter and maybe yogurt. Be sure you have a few familiar favorites that pack some protein, like peanut butter. It will feel good to know there already are healthy bites in your kitchen.

Make contact

Moving day is a busy time for sure. But if a neighbor stops by, or a resident ambassador pops in to say hello, stop a minute and make a connection. No doubt you’ll be asking them lots of questions later. Remember, they had their moving day as well.

Dine with delight

Your family and friends might bring a pizza to share with your moving crew. Just remember you now live in a place where a hard-working culinary team takes pride in creating delicious dining experiences. If you want to, go ahead and check out the community dining options to explore what’s available. Great food, friendly conversation, and no dishes to wash are a winning combination!

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Get off your feet

There’s no hurry to get it all done. Be sure to take frequent breaks, sit down, drink water. Get some fresh air. Don’t try to do everything at once. Pace yourself. Let those around you help you.

Have your “open first” box where it’s easy to access

Some suggestions for what to have inside:

  • Comfort items: Bed sheets, bedspread, pillows, favorite blanket
  • Personal care: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and comb. Gentlemen will want to include their shaving kits, ladies most likely their cosmetics and whatever other items are used each morning. Several bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths.
  • Clothing: Comfort is the name of the game on moving day. Rubber-soled shoes are a good idea. Also, undergarments, pajamas, socks, robe and slippers. Include a light sweater or jacket.
  • Favorites: Favorite snacks, music, and magazine or the bestseller you’re reading for relaxing in the evening.
  • Essentials: Medications, clock, disposable cups, bedside lamp, plates and bowls and eating utensils. Napkins. Paper towels. Toilet tissue.
  • A big smile! You’re setting sail on a wonderful cruise of carefree living that just keeps getting better—so don’t lose sight of what a gift you’ve given yourself, and those who care most about you.

When you make your move to senior living at Avalon Park, you’ll find everything you need to live well and live better—your own apartment home, exceptional meals prepared on site by our award- winning chef, 24-hour security, great friends, and an array of services and amenities to make things easy and enjoyable.

And, if your health needs change, you’ll have access to an on-site supportive health services provider who can coordinate and deliver supplemental care services, right in the comfort of your home.

Considering a move to senior living? We’d love to tell you more about we’re very excited about the future at Avalon Park.

Live with confidence!

Contact us today to set up your personalized tour. Learn how a move to senior living can give you the lifestyle you deserve – download our guide, Choosing the Right Community.

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