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What to Look for and Questions to Ask When Touring Senior Living Communities

Touring senior living communities is the best way to get a firsthand look into what life is like there. Here are some questions to ask and what to look for.
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What to Look for and Questions to Ask When Touring Senior Living Communities

Touring senior living communities is the best way to get a true, firsthand look into what life is like there. It’s an opportunity to see for yourself how it would feel to be a resident, how staff and residents interact with one another, and more. Before you make a visit, think about the questions you would like answered, and what you need to look for.

To help get you started, here are a few suggestions. You’re sure to come up with even more. Don’t be shy! It’s a big decision, so ask anything that’s on your mind.

Touring senior living communities: what to ask, and what to look for

Does it feel warm and inviting?

This question is for you…how you feel when you enter the doors. Are you greeted quickly by a pleasant staff member who seems genuinely happy to see you? Notice the atmosphere in the lobby…are residents milling about and interacting with one another and staff? Is there a cheerful ambiance, or does it feel stuffy and tired?

How do staff members interact with residents?

Pay attention to the conversations and body language of those you meet while touring senior living communities. Do you get a sense that people respect each other, and seem eager to be of service? Are there more smiles than frowns? How people get along can tell you a great deal about how happy they are in their setting.

What kind of activities are on the calendar?

Touring senior living communities gives you a glimpse into the level of energy of a community. Do the residents have a wide choice of things to do, from classes and concerts to walking groups and outings? Find out how many participate, and which activities are the most popular. Look over the monthly calendar and see if anything appeals to you. Ask if you can suggest a new activity if you don’t see it listed.

What advantages does the location offer?

Living in the right senior living lifestyle should provide you with everything you need. But it’s especially convenient to be located in a fun and vibrant area. For instance, Avalon Park is located near downtown Cottleville, putting you close to charming shops, dining, and local attractions, as well as lovely parkland and trails. And it’s all accessible by golf cart (Avalon Park is a golf cart community) so you can come and go easily.


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How does the community support wellness and healthy aging?

Staying active and getting enough exercise is vital for senior health. When touring senior living communities, take a look at the fitness area and equipment, and ask about classes and any personal instruction that is provided. There should be resources accessible for all levels of fitness. In addition, since a major element of wellness is the ability to connect with others, ask about opportunities to socialize. After all, wellness should be fun!

What is dining like?

This is where choice is so important. Do you have a choice of dining venues if you want to dine more formally one evening, and stay casual and quick the next? Can you invite family and friends to join you? Be sure to have at least one meal when touring senior living communities so you can experience the service, as well as take a look at menu options. Most chefs will easily accommodate dietary restrictions. Ask if they are able to source fresh local ingredients as well.

Would you feel at home in one of the residences?

Dorothy liked to click her ruby slippers and declare there was no place like home. You don’t need shoes, but your new senior living residence should offer the comfort, convenience and pure joy of home. Ask to see a model apartment and pay attention to the flow of the space, storage and finishes in the kitchen and bathrooms, natural light, and more. Can you see your favorite furnishings there? Or perhaps you’re looking forward to treating yourself to something new. After all, it’s your opportunity to build a new nest!

Are there options for additional assistance if needed?

Age brings change. But when you have a plan, everything goes more smoothly. Consider Avalon Park. Our Independent Living community is all about empowering you to live with the freedom and independence you savor. But it’s good to know that should your health needs ever change; a local health and home care provider has an office right on our campus. They will be happy to arrange appropriate care and support to be delivered right in the comfort of your apartment.

These are just a few questions to ask. Consider what else you need to know.

Think about what you’d like to know before you would consider making the move, such as the pet policy, turnover rate of staff, pricing and what’s included, occupancy rate, reputation of the community and any other detail. Visit as often as you need to so you can make the choice that is right for you.

Live well. Live better.

Everything you need is here. Contact us today to set up your personalized tour. Learn how a move to senior living can give you the lifestyle you deserve – download our guide, Choosing the Right Community.
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