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The Senior Living Search: Key Questions for Making an Informed Choice

The Senior Living Search: Key Questions for Making an Informed Choice

Going on a search, especially when it’s for something you really want, can be frustrating without the right guide. The senior living search is no different. With so many options for retirement living in St. Charles County to explore, you need to decide what you value most and how you can be sure you’ve found it.

It comes down to asking the right questions. Some you need to ask yourself, such as how do you see yourself spending your newfound freedom? What kind of lifestyle would you most enjoy? How active and engaged do you want to be? Is location important? Other questions are for the communities you are considering. Here are few to get you started.

Questions for Your Senior Living Search

• What is life like here? Independent living in St. Charles County can come in all shapes and sizes. Some communities feel like an old friend from the minute you walk in; warm, welcoming and familiar with an easygoing, casual ambiance. Others appeal more to those who like a touch of elegance and formality. It’s good to know what feels right for you. Ask others who have visited the community for their impressions, and do the same with staff and residents.

While you are taking your tour during your senior living search, be sure to stop occasionally and just absorb the atmosphere. Does it feel like a place you could call home?

• What are the dining options? An exceptional dining experience can make all the difference in the world. Delicious choices with locally sourced ingredients, good conversation, and a pleasing atmosphere are good for the soul and the palate. Ask to see a menu, and take a look at the venues. Have a meal or two. Observe how the wait staff interacts with residents.

Does everyone seem to be enjoying the moment? Can you meet the chef or culinary director? And most importantly, does everything taste delicious and seem freshly prepared?

• What is the overall philosophy of the community? This might seem like an unimportant question. But think about it: wouldn’t you like to know what goals the staff of a retirement community in St. Charles County has for residents? It might be helping each resident achieve healthy aging. Or having exceptional access to new adventures and lifelong learning. Or ensuring that each person can enjoy comfortable and easygoing days.

At Avalon Park, we want our residents to do more than live well. We want them to live better. And we tailor our services to help each person do just that. While a question about philosophy may have more than one answer, it’s a question that can tell you a lot about a community’s personality, which is worth knowing as you conduct your senior living search.

• What kind of activities and social opportunities are offered? Don’t discount the value of being able to regularly engage with others. This is actually one of the major aspects of healthy aging—being social. Not only can it increase your lifespan, it can ward off depression, cognitive decline, and physical stress.

Ask for a copy of the Calendar of Events and ask how well attended the options are. Do you see anything that appeals to you? Do you have the freedom to suggest a new activity? Find out what types of special outings are provided. If possible, drop in for a few activities so you can get a feel for what is happening, and talk to residents about what they most enjoy.

Socializing is good for older adults in so many ways—and senior living is a great way to cash in!

• What is there to do in the surrounding area? As you think about your senior living search, keep location in mind. Your carefree lifestyle will be designed to have everything you need, but what about when you want to explore even more? Ask for some specifics about the neighborhood…dining, shopping, entertainment, conveniences.

When it comes to independent living in St. Charles County, residents of Avalon Park benefit from living close to downtown Cottleville and its shops, restaurants, entertainment, churches and more. And as a golf cart-friendly community, there are trails to town and charging stations.

• What if I need additional support? You might be doing great in independent living and still have some extra needs. It’s good to know what resources are available at the community should you need some personal assistance. Ask if telehealth is available. Will the community assist you if you need to arrange for care in your residence? Also be sure to ask about the proximity to area hospitals and medical providers.

How the right senior living search can benefit you.

Just like the stories of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, going about your search for a new lifestyle the right way can lead you to your treasure—an ideal lifestyle where you can thrive.

We are here to help you!

Contact us today to set up your personalized tour. Learn how a move to senior living can give you the lifestyle you deserve – download our guide, Choosing the Right Community.

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