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7 Benefits of Downsizing to Senior Living

Downsizing to senior living lets you make room for new freedom and joy. With less to worry about, you can live well, and live better. Here are 7 benefits.
7 Benefits of Downsizing to Senior Living Elder couple with moving boxes

7 Benefits of Downsizing to Senior Living

Downsizing to senior living can bring up a mixed bag of emotions, especially if you only focus on the items you are giving away. But there is so much more to consider. In fact, at Avalon Park in Cottleville, we see downsizing as a way to make room for new freedom and new joy—so you can live well, and live better.

Downsizing to Senior Living: An Invitation to Leave Stress & Boredom Behind

Having less stuff to worry about is very appealing. But getting there isn’t easy. Going through your keepsakes, deciding what to keep and what to pass on, dealing with memories and emotions that arise and more. It’s a task that many seniors fear.

Yet, when you “keep your eyes on the prize” of all that lies ahead, you begin to realize the perks of downsizing to senior living are pretty awesome. Here are just seven to keep in mind.

7 Benefits of Senior Living

1. More time. You no longer will have to spend time cleaning the house. Washing the dishes. Sweeping the sidewalk. Worrying over daily chores and details that can take over your life. Instead, you can fill your newfound time anyway you choose—meeting friends for lunch, going to yoga class, reading your favorite author, or just relaxing.

2. More freedom. Now that you don’t have to maintain a home, you can finally plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take. Or join an online course and learn a foreign language. Mentor a budding entrepreneur. There’s nothing to hold you back.

Prior schedules and deadlines on your calendar are now replaced with things you really want to do, but never could before.

3. More energy. It’s amazing how good it can feel to be immersed in an atmosphere of social engagement, intellectual stimulation, and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. For example, Avalon Park residents spend time together at planned and spontaneous gatherings. They take group art and fitness classes, invite family and friends to on-campus activities, and stay active with excursions, happy hours, movie nights and more.

Downsizing to senior living lets you leave the same old routine behind and replace it with excitement and adventure—and a lot more fun! You may find yourself waking each day with new energy and anticipation.

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4. More amenities. If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a resort, downsizing to senior living could be your ticket! Comfortable, pleasant common areas make it easy to entertain friends and family. Dining is often available both in a formal setting as well as a casual bistro or “grab ‘n go” format for convenience. Outdoor patios, gardens and landscaped grounds are wonderful spots for moments of quiet reflection (and you don’t have to rake one leaf!).

5. Less stress. Think of all the things you used to have on your shoulders when you lived in a home like a mortgage. Property taxes. Home insurance. A roof that most likely would have to be replaced after the next storm. Worn-out appliances or a basement or attic with so much stuff you were afraid to even look.

Letting that kind of stress go lets you embrace this exciting chapter of life with a feeling of lightness that’s hard to beat.

6. Less stuff. For sure, downsizing to senior living means you have to part with some things you’ve had for years. But, research shows that an abundance of “stuff” can create anxiety. That means you probably will feel better than ever as you pare down your possessions!

7. Better location. Senior living communities are often in prime locations for convenience and entertainment. As a resident of Avalon Park, you’ll live close to downtown Cottleville and all it offers. And because Avalon Park is a golf cart community, you’ll be connected by paths that take you right to town for shopping, dining, and more.

What’s Ahead Looks Pretty Good

Once you put the boxes and unwanted clutter behind you, the future will open wide with possibilities. With so much less to worry about, you’re on your way!

Live Well. Live Better. Live Your Dream!

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